Een hart, de wilgen en de Wet

In mijn bibliotheek bewaar ik een aantal boeken, die ik af en toe herlees. Omdat het boek anders klinkt, telkens als ik het lees. Zo ook de Alchemist, van Paulo Coelho. Een absolute aanrader, ook bij de tiende lektuur. Een van de gedachten in het boek trekt telkens weer mijn aandacht: Als je iets wil,... Continue Reading →

Let go of… letting go

Let go of this, let go of that... How wonderful would it be to really be able to that. I personally come across this advice quite often, and I practice, and practice, and practice. I must admit: number ten here is my favourite, and even that one takes practice. But it has a magic twist.... Continue Reading →

The Pearl

Yesterday I had a real nice conversation with my brother. He mentioned an interview he was listening to, driving his car back from a walk by the seaside. The interviewee, a local artist, explained how everyone has a Pearl inside, and to discover this Pearl and bring it to the world is the single most... Continue Reading →

Kitten vs lion

Some of you might already have come across this image: A cat looking in the mirror seeing a lion. The message accompanying this image often is: What matters is how you see yourself. And the idea is great. It is true, what matters is how you see yourself. However, put this way the message still... Continue Reading →

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